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Introducing: Female Wizard

We got to chat with one of Melbourne's underground icons, ahead of the upcoming Tessellate // Intrusive Thoughts


· Crate Mates Writings

As resident at Le Fag since it opened and co-creator of the project Powertrip that holds club nights celebrating diversity and experimentation, Female Wizard has become a mainstay of inclusivity in the Melbourne music scene. We caught up with them to discuss upcoming projects, sources of inspiration and The Power Puff Girls.

So, Female Wizard, what was the first album you ever bought?

Volta by Bjork when I was 13.

How would you say your music taste has developed over the last few years?

I got my name DJing house, and mainly vinyl from the 90s from the US.

These days, I have a much broader and sonically heavier interest. I am much more of a techno DJ currently, but I like my sets to have a wide variety of influences - so I’m way more interested in music being created today. There is such an exciting amount of electronic music from a diverse range of people being produced right now; music that is really explorative and unique and intriguing, the types of voices in dance music that haven’t been profiled before. That’s the kind of stuff I’m interested in finding right now.

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Where do you typically turn to for inspiration and new sounds in your mixes?

Long rabbit-hole dives into bandcamp.

How did you first get involved with the cult queer night Le Fag?

Dave [David Murphy, creator of Le fag] sat me down for a coffee one day and told me this bold vision for a new queer club night that reclaimed our power, ferocity and darkness. He asked my thoughts and I was extremely impressed. After DJing the first two Le Fag’s, he basically just told me I should play every Le Fag, and of course I agreed!

Can you tell us a little bit about Powertrip and what it was that motivated you to begin this project?

Powertrip has had a couple of different iterations, but ultimately my main lesson with it has been to create something that serves a purpose higher than my ego. Me and MTLDA have really put in groundwork to envision a club night with an anti-capitalist approach. Where punters are taking part in what’s being created, where experiences beyond entertainment are being provided, where a core set of values are at the heart of all our decisions. I’m not sure if we’ve achieved that yet, but the point is in the attempt, not a fixed result.

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You're currently presenting a monthly show of experimental music at Hope St Radio - how do you find radio work in comparison to playing to an audience?

When I first started the show I was immediately resolute I wouldn’t be doing any DJ mixing on the show. It was a chance to have an expression away from that. My show Hello Earth is a reflection of where my music hunting has taken me - often experimental music that becomes an inspiration point for my DJ sets, so it’s like a personal scrapbook of what I’m discovering and where it’s taking me in that moment.

What are your hopes for the future of Melbourne’s music scene?

On a personal level, I hope for a more anti-capitalist approach both from promoters and from punters in how parties are created and how we’re expected to engage with them.

Finally, we love your HIM from The Powerpuff Girls tattoo - is there a story behind that?

Since being a kid I was so drawn to HIM, and am still really drawn to cartoons and colour and all my tattoos reflect that. Historically, transfeminine characters are portrayed as psychotic murderers in Western media, and HIM is a demon in heels who’s out to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. So this tattoo is true to my aesthetic, as well as reclaiming a narrative of societal fear of my identity, which is powerful to me.

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You can come see Female Wizard play at Sub Club for Tessellate // Intrusive Thoughts on the 28th of September. Tickets available now through Humanitix.