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Introducing: Low Flung

Catch Low Flung playing live at Tessellate Movement

· Crate Mates Writings

How would you describe your Low Flung style in three words?

Change doesn’t end

You've become known for your use of field recording. What are your go-to sources for audio outside of the recording studio?

I like going for walks without objectives. During those walks, I might find a spot to hide my recorder and press record for a few hours. Occasionally a nice piece will surface out of that process - so the answer is everywhere? For me, it is important to respect and listen to the land; field recordings help in that process.

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Would you tell us a little about your involvement with the ‘Pure Relief: A Bushfire Appeal Compilation’?

Myself and Will Holden (Hybrid Man) have been collaborating for years. We made a track together whilst Dylan from Papercuts and Will were living together. A suitable fit for a good cause. I think that the bassline was running for about eight hours straight with a few Zaatar breaks in between.

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You’re the head of Moontown Records and Tacky Jack Tapes. What are your methods for uncovering new talent?

That process has gone through various iterations over the years. It started with me releasing music by friends making incredible things with no desire or means to spruik themselves. It then morphed into people I admired seeing live or those who I feel have a similar approach. Right now, I plan to release music from close friends - people I have meaningful connections with. It’s come full circle.

You’re based in Sydney but when you come down to Melbourne what are your favourite venues to play and why?

Every time I go to Melbourne something is closing down and something is opening. For me, it’s more about how people are responding more than a specific venue. One of my fav places to go in Melb was “Shit town” (not sure if that’s what it was called, used to say that in texta next to the entrance) - a literal stairwell next to St. Jerome’s Bar that had a DJ booth in a smashed out wall crevice. That was over 10 years ago now.

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Tessellate combines audio and visual art and we know that you are a multidisciplinary artist yourself. How do these different forms of creation interact for you?

It’s hard for me to separate the two. They have always worked together and in our hungry digi landscape there is less separation than ever before. On a personal level, I feel like my music has colour and my video is noisy and textural.

What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you were starting out in music?

Take the time to learn an instrument.

What do you hope to bring to Tessellate Movement?

Improvised modular synthesizer for the dance floor - textural minimal and tech house rollers.

What Australian names should we keep an eye out for in 2020?

Keep an eye out for your friends and what they do.. DJ Haloumi, Live Drama, Diminished Return, ASDC, Cabirus, Herniated Discs, Subcell, Couch, Stormshell, Edgeworker DJ, The Uncalled Four and Cutlery.

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