• Jazz

    Resident DJ

    In the short span of a year, Jazz has quickly solidified her place in the Melbourne

    music community. Her show ‘Spaces Within Space’ on beloved community radio

    station PBS 106.7FM captures her diverse taste for electronic music and ability

    to dig for odd-ball sounds and textures, as well as providing her with an active

    platform to support other emerging artists in the community. Her regular shows

    on both Skylab Radio and Hope Street Radio also allow her to

    highlight her well refined palette and interest in an array of sounds – where she


    explores the lighter side of her record collection ranging from dub, reggae, nu-

    wave, experimental and downtempo.


    Off-air, Jazz has performed across a variety of stages including Something

    Unlimited Festival 2020, Daydreams, Butter Sessions, Daybreak Festival 2020,

    Club D’erange and many more. In the booth, Jazz can be seen commanding

    dancefloors with her eccentric genre-bending selections, which are informed by

    her wealth of knowledge about music.