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    Kayroy's (Finnian Langham) musical journey sparked from a fondness of the colourful grooves of disco and a love for unearthing lost dance gems of
    this era. Though the talent doesn’t end at disco.

    Understanding this genre’s potential to move in new ways has led him to infuse classic sounds with obscure deep cuts of 80’s synth-pop as well as acid-tinged EBM, layered with infectiously funky beats and dreamy textures within both his production work and live sets.
    The track ‘Manifesto’, under alias name ‘Tony Chocoloney’ takes listeners on a unique, masterfully blended journey of new and old sound, pushing the boundaries of modern dance music.

    In taking these funky soundscapes to the dancefloor, Quay consistently delivers an infectious energy paired with a deeply flowing groove and this variety of flavours is a masterful product of a reverent attitude towards music’s ability to move.

    As The Kayroy Live Experience, his sampladelic production material is reworked for the stage, and supported with live guitar and percussion. Whether playing at intimate venues such as Section 8 and Toff in Town, or the illustrious Night Cat and Gasometer, Kayroy’s captivating stage presence and utterly euphoric sound have kept audiences riding the disco high throughout a nonstop hour-of-power set. He has fostered connections the world over, with releases on both local and international labels such as Sour Edits, Whisky Disco, Clipp.art, Hotfoot and many more.


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    Manifesto (as Tony Chocoloney) - from Hometurf Vol. 2
    [Hometurf, AUS]


    Drums For Grace ft. Lucky Pereira
    [Jelly Red, IRE]


    Stars In Your Eyes EP with Van Oasis
    [Finer Things, AUS]


    PARALLELS (Kayroy Remix) (Original by Close Counters)
    [Vindig, GER]


    Less Groove (as Tony Chocoloney) - from Love Bite EP
    [Whiskey Disco, USA]



    Pavlova Casanova EP
    [Whiskey Disco, USA]

    Harlequin Fiasco
    [Hotfoot, CHE]

    Put It In - from Sour Edits 004
    [Sour Edits, GER]

    Mantovani I with Halvardan - from Sounds Like A Good Time 2 [clipp.art, AUS]

    Madleen In Love - from Terraza
    [The Basement, ESP]

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