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Crate Mates on Air // 001

Hosted by resident Krejus - 05/05/2019

· Crate Mates On Air

First episode was a blast, although I'd be lying to say I was not also incredibly nervous! The hour went by very quickly and I had a chance to share some psychedelic, ambient and intriguing synthesizer sounds before transitioning to music with more of a beat to get the blood flowing.

We announced the Crate Line, which is taking requests, calls and just general texts all week on 0431 664 502! Make sure you tell us your name and where you are from when you text in. I'll read it out on air. Much love and we'll be back next week with our first guest and Crate Mate resident, Eddy Gordo . He'll be joining us to share his version of the perfect Sunday morning mix from 10am. Until then, this is Krejus signing off from week 1 of Crate Mates on Air. Thanks for tuning in xx


- Oxygene Part 5 by Jean Michel Jarre
- On the Run by Pink Floyd
- Kites by Floating Points
- Kaleidoscope by Nils Frahm
- Good Evening Supermayer by Geiger (Michael Mayer & Superpitcher remix)
- Little Bullet by Spooky (Gargantuan Remix)
- Final Front Ear by Third Ear Audio
- Morty by E-Unity
- Magnificent Moon by Mildlife (Tornado Wallace remix)
- It's Okay to Dance by Route 8

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