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Crate Mates on Air // 002

Hosted by guest Eddy Gordo

· Crate Mates On Air

Eddy Gordo here.

Thank you Krejus for having me on the show, Had a sick time getting to play the more ambient music I don't often play out, and kicking it with the groovier stuff in the second half of the mix. Spot on banter, can't wait to come on again.

Track list:
Dices & AEM Rhythm Cascade - Pacific
Mark Pollard - Quinque II
Wilson Tanner - Sun Room
Tiden Går - Uhhhh
Xeper - Carceres Ex Novum
Good Block - Dub for Joy
Fort Romeau - Seleno
Warp Factor 9 - The Atmospherian Tornado Wallace Remix
Future Sounds of Antwerp - Volium
Mashrou Leila - Roman - Bas Ibellini Remix
Yusuf Islam - Lady D’Arbanville

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