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Crate Mates on Air // 003

Hosted by resident Krejus - 19/05/2019

· Crate Mates On Air

Recap from Krejus (19/5/19)

Grim times this morning waking up for Ep 3. Just by meself in the studio. The rest of the Crate Mates are fast asleep after a successful and incredibly fun 1st Birthday at Joey Smalls last night. Scott Morrison is in, Bill Shorten has resigned and the liberal scare campaign worked well. Who knows, maybe our economy is in better hands with ScoMo, maybe its all a farce. Only time will tell. Hope you enjoy this week's show with a selection of slow psych and prog rock to ease you into the day. We also had our first ever call in on the Crate Line from Michael in Brunswick.

Keep the text line alive, taking requests and just happy to generally chew the fat,

0431 664 502.

Track List:
- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day
- Here Comes Your Man by Pixies
- Singing Winds, Crying Beasts by Santana
- Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen by Santana
- Wearing The Inside Out by Pink Floyd
- No Quarter by Led Zeppelin
- Time Is The Healer by Riva (Harry Peat Sunset Mix)
- One Mo' Dram by Ruby Rushton
- Why You by Neue Grafik
- Get Back to You Soon by D. Tiffany
- Give Me Things That Don't Get Lost by Prequel

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